Transitions are never easy. However, they are much more manageable when you are younger. I wonder how much should I be concerned about the shift from classroom to newsroom. Just last year, I was a lecturer in a college, teaching English literature. It was a fun job. Wake up in the morning, drape a saree for half an hour (important to look like a grown up in formal Indian attire), go on the ramp and talk about some of my favourite writers, also confuse a lot of students with complicated literary theories. Ironically, many of our students think they have taken English major, and that will improve their English. The irony is, one takes English major only to appreciate the English language, the knowledge of the language is taken for granted here.

Any way, even with partially familiar with the language, dealing with those students was fun. Still a new and excited job awaited. Now in the newsroom of The Times of India, as a feature writer, a constant struggle of what to write next keeps my brain more active than ever. There is a rush of excitement with a good story, a well rounded interview, a well written piece. I am not sure how much successful this transition has been, but I’m enjoying the hell out of this new job.