What is sharing too much after all? Some of my friends think, I’m sharing too much on the Internet, but i somehow look at it just as a blog, a writing exercise, a place to think aloud, albeit in public. But I do think there has to be a limit. So here, I’ll be more guarded.

So for something not much personal, I met a friend today, and we had a heart to heart, something I am told i must not do on the Internet. N e way, I told her I have never been on a hike before. We talked about exercising while sinfully eating Choco-temptations and brownie. We had to do that, after all we are both on a diet 😉

After a long discussion we decided to do something about my ‘never been on a hike’ situation. as a solution, we will be climbing a mountain. Her suggested location is in Ambaji, some 250 km from Ahmedabad and we’ll drive there after my GRE is over. Mann, most of my plans these days end with that sentence.

Whatever, before that i also get to go to Kolkata, which is a treat in itself. I wish i could have gone there to enjoy after finishing my GRE at home. Well, as it turns out, you can’t have it all, but you can definitely make happy plans over brownies.

In other news from my day, my colleague, the very fun Natasha Chopra discussed with me her new article today about “the changing role of female sexuality” and she found my views very insightful and sensible. Our conversation was almost as much fun as the brownie eating afternoon, but i’m really not going to spill the beans till her article comes out 😉

It was a satisfying day with an article and a city-report on work part. Now time to go study.

Every time i write something here, there is an urge to write more. I tell you, this blog writing is addictive.

I somehow feel like i’ve more questions and less answers within, perhaps that’s what life is all about – one has to find out that there can be more than one answer to your questions 😉

I’m actually enjoying this obsession with blogs, it’s like i’m letting my words out in the void (to quote Kathleen Kelly from You have Got Mail of course) and they bounce back to me travel 360 degrees and come back to me.