Sometimes you just don’t know where a simple discussion will lead you. More often than not, you end up in the right direction. I grabbed a pizza with my friend and colleague Nandini today. We joined The Times of India, Gujarat at the same time and she is much more widely experienced, well traveled and patient than I am.

I was telling her about my GRE prep and further study plans, and if I need to act on them all. Her point of views were different and thought provoking, and in some way, she has added a new perspective to the way I think about things now. She did use the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” in the correct way.

Just like everyone else, I have always wanted to grow, but things have worked out for me as a set pattern. Born to a journalist, grew amidst loads of stacks of newspapers and books, literally. I wouldn’t have imagined a different future. But now is the time when i’ve got a chance to actually work hard for and grow in any direction I want. and I’m not letting it go. I want some global experience. And just taking an exam and applying to a few universities won’t be that big a deal. I must just give up on everything and simply travel around the world.

Her wanderlust has definitely rubbed off in the right way. No matter which direction my work takes, my inner voice tells me I’ve nothing to lose.