At a cyber cafe near park street, wish I had camera with me right now. It is a drizzling evening in Kolkata. When i reached here in the morning my mind was full of questions concerning the exams. The biggest one is, why exactly am I taking it? Anyway, anymore studying won’t help. And even the result doesn’t matter that much. I’m not too keen on pursuing what it entails. After a delicious lunch at a family friend’s place I walked down the street, looking for my test centre. The old buildings, the architecture, the feel of the city, the difference in the air, all of it felt marvelous.

i can’t believe it’s just 6 in the evening and it’s totally dark outside. The cyber cafe is totally empty and it makes no sense sitting here any more. I am told, walking back alone after dark is not safe. I belong to a city where i’ve returned back home at 3 in the night alone. But different cities have different ways of dealing with things. Following the tradition of Kolkata i’m signing off.

Frankly in my three days in that train compartment travelling from Ahmedabad to Kolkata, i have been just thinking and reading while my phone kept going in and out of network, showing me a date of 2050. It actually made me wishfully feel as if I had traveled in time. Oh, how I wish…