A detective story keeps you constantly on the look out for the crime and the criminal. But in Feluda stories i really enjoyed the simplicity of Satyajit Ray. Trouble in Gangtok can actually make you observe things all around you, kind of keep you on guard for wrongdoings. Feluda is a young detective and I should have read his adventures much earlier, but once again, better late right?. My Editor says he has never read Feluda story in English, being a Bengali himself. But the translation by Gopa Majumdar has actually succeeded in keeping the interest intact, I don’t feel like I’m missing many cultural references.

So thoughts of Feluda were followed by a highway drive. A drive can really open up a lot of options. I’m off to Gandhinagar as it’s Saturday. It’s unbelievable how just 30 kilometers away from kinda of industrial Ahmedbad, there lies this green, fun little town where Nature takes over the practical life. I remember visiting a church this feb when i was teaching at a college there. It is a quiet place surrounded by massive trees. Perhaps one would find five passers by on that road in the course of one hour. Feluda wouldn’t miss to observe them :). It’s a peaceful place. Like Feluda i’m surely on the look out. But i’ve a double task at hand. Also on the look ‘in’ 🙂