This is a new kind of loss that people do not have much experience of. Losing the data on your phone. I’ve lost my cell phone directory and some 90 sms msgs stored šŸ˜€

why am i smiling? because there is no other way to retrieve them. The only number I remember is the one i don’t need to: my own home number. And Ms Thanki had no back up.

Though it isn’t a big thing after all people who want to talk to me will eventually find a way. So i went to the film fest and caught up on the Merchant-Ivory productions. ‘Heat and Dust’ with Shahi Kapoor was awesome, but too slow. It felt like that, especially because what I’m reading at the moment is too gripping. IĀ constantly wanted to come back home and read.

And life and numbers started flowing back in as i found Rajasi’s number scribbled somewhere, Vaibhav sirĀ gave a missed call, Bena’s number is back from dad’s address book, all those who matter are getting in touch just for the numbers, I guess this is a good way to get back in touch with people.