A cramp in my neck doesn’t let me turn on my head to the left. I’m stuck to the right side.

Every one around me has been giving me weird suggestions to cure it. People, i simply cannot move my neck muscles. I thought i won’t tell anyone at first. It’ll be alright, but my head stays at approximately 47 degree towards my right shoulder and who ever looks at me simply stares. Sorry guys, can’t help it.

i somehow drove around, even worked at office, met people, ate, did all my work, it is all normal. The only thing is, if i want to turn my head to my left i would have to move my entire body!

It is crazily painful when I try. One friend went on showing me an exercise for neck that will bring things to normal. Buddy, how am i going to exercise when i can’t even move my neck?

mom has applied every possible balm at home, a hot water bottle has been tried, massage hasn’t worked yet. Now i’m forced to take a pain killer. Some say it’s wrong sleeping position. I don’t know if it’s as huge as going to a doc, but since last 24 hours i’m confined to my right side.

once in a while i check to turn my neck towards left if it still pains, and i turn my neck till i feel like shouting OOOOOOOOOOOUCH… but i don’t shout. i spare my voice and people around me from further agony.

No left turns for me till the left gets right… i sound like PM Manmohan Singh who has to constantly keep LEFT in mind and still do his own business.

and on top of it, i’m am almost lefty, except i write with my right hand. I’m glad to have this right view, right attitude. Thanks to the pain in my neck, i discovered a whole new right turn.

It’s not as if my left side is paralyzed. So what if i can’t turn my neck on left, i’m on the right track. What’s the point of wasting so many bytes over the left and right of it. Well, it just felt ‘right’ to share it here.

PS: It took one more day, but everything was reset in the system, and i can move my neck like a bauble head now.