I’m set for breathing the air of east again. I owe myself a review and an analysis. I can’t spend time on either of them right now as something very important awaits me. John Nash. I have decided to finish A Beautiful Mind on my long journey. Something tells me such a serious book isn’t the journey material, one should keep something light, fluffy and comfortable to read on. Let’s see how it goes.

I can play three chords on guitar now. This enables me to play Neele Neele Ambar par. Chand Jab Aaye… I wish i could master that song and play it at Roshni’s Sangeet Party.

Roshni’s wedding card is a unique thing in itself. It’s a small booklet of 20 pages with a regular card. The wedding book includes history of Kolkata and even her family tree to the entire map for the visitors.

She also has a fun quiz show planned for the guests, after all that’s her speciality.

Terribly excited to attend the wedding of a sweetheart.