2003, I walked into the Times of India office as a masters student for the first time. I wanted them to review my Gujarati book. Lekha Menon who interviewed me at the time became my first ever mentor in English journalism in March 2005. As I had grown up in a house full of press clippings and books, there was fat chance I could have thought of becoming anything else but a writer. Somehow, I thought i could be a teacher or a techie too. And while i was thinking that, writing had already started.

Today when I walk through the alleys of this office, I see my reflection in the glass doors. A thin woman, a silent part of a PRESS. I got my confirmation papers today. One year is over. I’m designated as a ‘Copy Editor and Correspondent’ today from a junior reporter.

Life doesn’t know or give what you will die for. But it makes you earn the reasons to stay alive and value them. There is calm, chilling peace… and that’s all about it.