Piece of Cake by Swati Kaushal

I was about to make this my wish-list of what I want in a book written for new Indians. But then I realized this should be more about what I’ve read.This is just another piece of chic-lit cake…

It is story of Minal. She is one normal girl who is confident about what she does in life but is confused about what actually she wants in life. Beauty lies in the fact that she doesn’t know she is confident.

Well by the time the book ends we are quite clear that she is doing what she always wanted to. Hope she believes so to. The story ends abruptly. But I liked the ending. Aren’t most ends in life abrupt?

Minal works for International Foods, she has been transferred in to the Cake department with her arc rival from the cookies department. It’s not all piece of cake for her but the way she goes through a year in and out of the cake department, constantly thinking about where is her life going reminds you of Bridget Jones (As our Minal is approaching 30 and her mother is pushing her to suitable matches all the time). How she thinks dating a guy six years younger to her won’t be appropriate. : ) her post-it romance with the RJ who lives upstairs and her dry, matter-of-fact doctor fiancé who has everything but time for her. She gets rid of all the guyz in her life by the end of the story. Well, almost all.

If you are too busy, it can be read within a week. It’s not a great book. But it will make you smile. One funny incident was that on a busy evening a suitable match lands up at her place (thanks to the matrimonial advt given by her mother living in another city). The guy comes from a royal lineage and is decent enough she thinks and she comes to a positive frame of mind. But by co-incidence�she ends up reaching the note that the guy was secretly but actually making on a piece of paper…giving her marks on Beauty, Family, Figure, Hostess Skills, Values, Personality etc. All that in 15 mins time. This one was dumb enough to do it on paper.

Most part of her life is occupied by her professional life. And I wish to end with this passage when she dramatically loses out and is thrown into some dump department with marketing guyz.

“At some point in time there comes a pivotal moment in your life, a turning point when you realize that the worst thing that could possibly happen to you has already happened. There is certain comfort, a perverse thrill almost, in recognizing that moment and knowing that Time hereafter can only take you to better, worthier places. And while there will still be shit along the way, it will never be as deep. For me that moment came at 4:17 pm on Wednesday the 12th September, Year 2002.

It was at this fateful moment that the branch office coffee-vending machine finally breathed its last. Now this should have been a moment of vindication, of good triumphing over evil, of conclusive proof that there was a God in heaven looking after the hapless people down below.”

There is more to Minal. There is more to each individual we meet, pass by, read about, live with.