This Bond… is tough and sensitive at the same time. I’m not much familiar with the Bond Franchise. I’ve seen glimpses of a lot of past movies as my Dad is a big time Bond fan. I’ve seen Tomorrow Never Dies in theatre. And my GK of movies has kept me updated with what’s happening in the Bond world. Daniel Craig was supposed to be a misfit since the day he was cast as the Bond. There is something very fascinating about 007 agents. If you think it was just gadgets and babes… This Casino Royale has much more to offer.

Craig as Bond
I’d seen Craig’s past pictures and felt that he might not have that X factor that one expects from Bond. But boy… he looks more able at least than Pierce Brosnan. However, he still doesn’t have the charms of Sir Sean Connery and Roger Moore. But you surely have to put this Australian actor in a different league all together. He fights and faces the trouble himself, instead of those thousands of gadgets one associates with Bond. He is more of a physical being. Look at the toughness in his eyes or the walk he walks or the way he saves himself after getting poisoned.

Not just technology
This one has been updated with 21st century. Our Bond is fighting terrorism post 9/11. However, I don’t find words enough to appreciate the first chase in Madagascar where 007 is after a guy who has some secret he needs. His car is still Aston-Martin and he wears an Omega, yet he doesn’t have the leisure of using technology as his past counterparts.

A brainy babe at hand
Eva Green…looks stunning and intelligent. She moves out of the premises of a Bond girl. She has a role to play in all that is happening. She is not just a decorative piece. This French actress has got a meaty role in a Bond film which is an achievement in itself. Dame Judi Dench as M is no surprise. But just like Lynd (Eva Green character) M also is disarmed with 007 charm.

Real and Sensitive
As far as stories are concerned, Bond films hardly have surprises. But this one might surprise you with the kind of reality and sensitivity about the character of Bond. He bleeds, falls in love and is ready to lose all that comes with 007 tag. He is not superficial. He is more believable and human than the Bonds of the past. And yet, somehow comes out to be invincible.

Generally when mom watches a movie with me, I set a standard. If she falls asleep, the movie has to be bad to worse, depending on how long she dozes off. She slept through most part of Umrao Jaan in the night show a few days back… ah.. and after Casino Royale, she was talking to me about how good a runner Daniel Craig is at almost 1:00 Am.