Everymorning I would wake up and open the Pages of \’H G Wells – A biography\’ by Norman and Jeanne Mackenzie since past week. I\’m completely aware of the life HG led and the words he wrote, yet the experience of tracing his thoughts back in this biography here has been more touching than HG\’s own autobiography.

The last page says: \”The end was quite sudden and peaceful. On the afternoon of Thursday 13 August 1946 he told his nurse that he would take his customary nap, and sent her away/ A few minutes later, at 4:15, he died… Gip Wells and Anthony West (his sons) took the ashes of their father down to the Isle of Wight and scattered them over the sea. The journey of the Time Traveller was over.\”

I\’ve skipped a lot of lines inbetween. But it brought tears in my eyes. I\’ve known writers capable of doing that with fictional situation. But to make a factual biography so touching is an achievement.

HG the man and his multi-dimensional personality has opened a new door. There is no looking back in time. And yet, I could touch HG back in time with some printed words.