I’m not sure if the self-help books are of a great help to anyone who is trying to lead a normal life and has ‘normal’ dream of achieving success. I’ve quite a few of them. And all of them have been gifted to me. [Wondering why quite a few of my friends thought i might be in need of them. 😉 ] I’ve not been able to go beyond a few pages in most of them. They all have something similar to tell me. Make plans, remove clutter, think positive, meditate, expect less, work more, channelise your energry…. ah..many of my friends talk in this language too. The pep talk is surely good for health once in a while.

But at the end of the day, when it comes to dealing with real life incidents…. how many of us exactly behave in the way the ‘self-help’ books tell us to. Many a time, we end up creating more clutter while clearing the old one…and life goes on. With one book after another…

Ah…cut it out.

Right now, as I face a research break, theories, books, editing… I’m looking forward to all the excitement that comes with fresh ink and soft keyboard strokes.

A time away from the daily hustle-bustle… a time away from routine… and i call it a Write time.