It is quite surprising the way Science Fiction writer treat time differently from the high-brow literary ones. To Yeats and T S Eliot, Time is cyclic, eternal, endless, and still something that is alive and preys on us, makes us happy, makes things difficult or easy..

While to the SF brigade, its a concept, a medium… an element that holds n number of possibilities when it comes to new discoveries.

And when it comes to lesser mortals time is something that is simply treated as a next thing on ‘to-do list’.

Ironically, even after 100 years of research, Time Machine hasn’t been a possibility, but what if one had the power of controlling time? Would it solve anything or add to anything for a normal human being? What if everyone on the face of the world could time travel? Everyone would want to travel back to happiest times in past or seek them in future. There might be some who would hold their grounds and decide to be in present. But wouldn’t it be like the whole world looking into the mirror of Erised from Harry Potter books, where people get to see their deepest desires come true in the reflection. Would anyone set goals and work towards them in such circumstances?

That is one reason why Time Machine as well as Mirror of Erised…are part of fantasies and not real world.

Perhaps fantasies are all about possibilities minus probabilities.