I’m yet to read Timeline by Michael Crichton. Going by my current schedule and the list of fiction I want to read once I’m done with the thesis, it’ll have to wait for some time. Then why am I writing this blog?

Well just to express some awe as I read through the list of works of Mr Crichton. Whatta resume! From Jurassic Park to The Rising Sun… It is really amazing how some people get so many fantastic ideas during one lifetime…unlike some others, who start off with something great and then keep going down…with some sparks here and there..and some who come up with a pathbreaking…once in a lifetime idea and stay with it. Creativity

Some writers have been consistent in their production without worrying about the consistency in quality. This helps them in improving with practice and experience. While some like Arundhati Roy…become stagnant and stop writing after the first successful break. Their reasons for not writing differ. It’s a personal choice.

Many writers with a constant a creative flow make the most of it…Wells kept writing in different forms throughout his life. Clarke has been consistent too. Rowling is going to end the Potter series but she says she is already ready with another children’s book… Productivity perhaps is also about discipline and priority.

I’m totally deviating from what I had started writing. What makes writers so prolific can be a subject for some other time. Right now I want to talk about Timeline and it’s introduction. Where Crichton talks about how scientists today think that there is no major breakthrough possible any more. All we can do is improve on the present technologies. And when we reach such a time, be prepared for something new. A new discovery, change may be just round the corner, waiting to be tapped… The picture of the universe is clear… now it’s time to bring on the other stage. We can’t be staying on this stage of technological advancement for too long. Last few decades have been all about computers and internet and wireless world coming closer.

Let’s prepare ourselves for some universal change at hand… but that will require the scientists and writers to stay on with their creative flow and not become stagnant.