While going through Seth Goding’s blogs today, I came across an interesting analysis by him about the music industry and what all it needs to do to survive the challenges that the digital age has posed in front of it. Well, only that he deals with the subject in a very light and matter of fact way.

As I think more about the digital age and music, it comes to me that the way I listen to music has entirely changed. I straight away download songs from the internet, legally. And transfer them to my iPod or phone and I’m all set. The only thing that I’ve to worry about is the storage capacity and I’m all set with music. I sometimes don’t bother about even that and listen to online radio. Music in life couldn’t have been more simple.

I remember the time when audio cassettes or tapes as we used to call it, were 25 Rs. each for Hindi movies. It gradually grew up to 50-55 Rs and the last one that I bought was a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai cassette for 65 Rs. I still have the Golden Collection from HMV featuring Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh, Mohd Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Manna De, Asha Bhonsle and more…But they no longer get played. I wonder what will happen to them a few years from now. Making a mixed tape by collecting favourite songs from various sources used to be an important task in the teenage days. And compiling and burning a mixed CD is just a few minutes job now.

I’m not complaining about have easier access to music now. But it feels good to be nostalgic about the collection of tapes over the years that I’ve cherished.

Music has found change in trends every few years. And I wonder where will this digital medium take music from here…