It is very difficult not to be overwhelmed when Nature opens up to you. I’m yet to scold myself for not walking around enough in Stuttgart. From our home at Degerloch Albstrasse, I go around walking till Reidsee. There are three tram stations in between. This 20 minutes walk simply brings me to such mind boggling landscapes that I’m left speechless.

I wish I could make walking there a part of my day for the time to come. As my routine keeps changing, I wonder if I should call it a routine any more. But my current days involve a 2-3 hours of exploration of this area and I shall maintain it as long as I can. Yesterday, After passing some beautiful farms, I landed at a small, half frozen lake full of ducks of a very different kind. I’m no bird watcher but the sounds I could hear were sheer happiness to me. And on top of that, a rainbow materialized in the sky as I walked back.

I had to walk there again today. There are cute little benches around the lake. As the tranquil town was busy with the daily bustle, I reached there and chose a bench to settle there with my notebook and pen. Taking any advanced technology near that place felt like I might spoil it. I shouldn’t take my laptop there. Nor should I take any unsettling thought.

As I usually work, talk or think restlessly, such moments are rare for me when I’m not even remotely thinking about Politics, Jane Austen, Feminism, Overeating, Equality, Reading, Fantasy or even Harry Potter. I wonder how many times in life we get this feeling that apart from the inevitable breathing, nothing should happen?

While writing and listening to that rhythm in the air, I wondered this is what they mean when they say, time has come to a stand still.