We do make a big deal out of food. We must. After all that is one guaranteed pleasure in any stable human being’s life that pops up twice (if you are lucky thrice or more times) a day. But if you have to eat pizzas for more than four times a week, it might get on your nerves. No wonder, some of my friends in the US now tell me that after constantly surviving on frozen pizzas, their excitement for it has gone down. Well, I’m yet to do an overdose of it.

Now every country has a different way of making their Pizzas. In India, I’ve grown on Desi Ghari Pizza or Jasu ben no Pizza and in last one decade, on vegetarian Pizza Hut and Dominos. In India, we’ve experimented with our Pizzas and given them our own flavour. The chutney of tomato that is poured on the Desi Pizza at Law Garden is quite different from what I get in the frozen Vegetel in Stuttgart. There is a variety in Pizzas here too. Fine dining Italian restaurants are different from Turkish Pizza and Kebab centers. Even the Margaritas are different if the place is different.

But after enjoying Pizzas in Ahmedabad at every possible place with my enthusiastic parents, or literally galloping them at near midnight in Ahmedabad Times office, Jasu Ben no Pizza with Salonee and Pizza Huts of Malaysia and Stuttgart with Kumar…I ate an eggplant pizza in Italy.

Eggplant is a common man’s food in India. Pizzas are not. When Italians combined those two things for me, I was pleasantly surprised. It was Kumar’s order, as I’d ordered some snooty Spaghetti. When his Pizza came, at first I thought they might have added eggplant in a hurry as the Vegetarian Pizza was described as (Tomato sauce + Mozzarella cheese + assorted vegetables). But the assorted vegetables turned out to be Eggplant (In huge round chunks) + cucumber + capsicums… We prayed to every major and minor Roman God before eating it. But well, it turned out that the Italians do know their Pizzas well. I ended up eating most part of it. And for the rest of my stay in Venice, I made sure to order the Vegetarian Pizza. After coming back home, I searched more for Eggplants on pizzas and discovered they aren’t as new as they seemed to me. Well, I enjoyed my first time thought. And also downloaded some recipes…

When I’m back with this story of eggplants and pizzas in Ahmedabad, Salonee, make sure to feed me enough of Jasu Ben no Pizza.

Cucumber or Eggplants, Olives or Capsicums and Jalapeños…isn’t the variety of toppings as wide as temperaments?