I’ve been wondering about readership of blogs and the interactivity involved and the passive attitude of the readers. Some sites tell me that majority of people surfing online are passive. I am also a passive reader online. I do not leave a message or a comment anywhere unless it really compels me.

I’m also not an avid reader of blogs based on a variety like Kumar. He really knows how to decipher good blogs from bad ones. There are some mighty names blogging here too. I could find people from the likes of Seth Godin to Shekhar Kapoor to Deepak Chopra to many others. I guess this how the world communicates.

But on the other hand, there are frustrating web pages that have not been updated since past five years, and lie there in the cyber junk for ages, occupying space as well a name that can help some genuine but frustrated writer or blogger.

But what prompts me to write this right now is a blog on Sulekha. Here is the best blog of the year award winner – http://hebrewprincess.sulekha.com/blog/posts.htm that leaves me speechless and not in a very happy way.

This is just as good as people creating their own fan communities on orkut and feel good about their popularity or constantly be online and express themselves in the weirdest possible way.

And my current random thoughts make me ask these two unconnected bizarre questions,

How much are we understood when we communicate through printed words?

What if Shakespeare had a blog? Would he win any awards online?