I had a nice day. I always say that when I have a productive day. I generally may not accept it but I easily give away to loads of distractions, in spite of Dad’s voice often playing at the back of my mind, Keep Writing!
Does that happen to everyone? I guess yes. And these distractions are lying about in every place where my eyes and mind can reach. Specially when I don’t have a deadline. Work happens when you know you can no longer afford those distractions. I restlessly keep thinking about one thing after another, sometimes knowing it is unnecessary and even harmful. Thought of checking Entertainment section in Google news, thought of searching or what’s new in Potter world, thought of what all my friends must be doing right now. These thoughts all operate and distract and take over my mind as if Voldemort is connected to it.
But I feel like Harry after Dobby’s death today. I can shut distractions out. Let me see if this lasts for more than 24 hours. Wait for my next post. 🙂