…and today, Dr Cox tells JD, “You want to be like me, Even I barely want to be like me.”

Yes, I’ve been watching a lot of Scrubs (Though at Season 1 right now). I wonder how often are we presented with the sentences in the middle of a sitcom that shake your mind and turn you physically up-side down. How many of us exactly like to be what we are. We always want to reach somewhere, we like someone, do something than what we are doing and when we start doing that, we run in the other direction. Perhaps, the final outcome is as scary as mutants and circumstances presented in I am Legend.

We all want to be something as kids and then when we see some people doing those somethings, our dreams are transferred to being those someones without realizing the flaw in the plan. We may never accept this, but no matter how hard we try to be like each other, we are so unwillingly different.

I was reminded of how you are suddenly faced with a bright sparkling line amidst the plot of a chapter or an episode that is telling you a story. Scrubs is full of such sparkling lines.

These are the kind of sentences that make these sitcoms parallel what perhaps Dickens had in 18th century. Give psychological insights with entertainment. Mediums have changed but the matter hasn’t.