The journey from being a no cook to a decent cook gave me some time to be a lot of things in between. But I had a very happy moment today when I finally made a satisfactory Pau-Bhaaji. I’ve grown on a staple diet of Bhaaji-Pau. From across the city, Honest, RK, Shrinaath near AMA in Ahmedabad or just an on-demand dinner from Mom, I’ve always had it around me. Perhaps, that is the reasons why on the first gathering hosted by me and Kumar in our new home, that was one thing which came to my mind. Cause I had to cook. And I had a ready recipe from my mother next day in my inbox. It was a joint venture. A ten day old cook was cooking for ten people and Kumar made sure I do not do it alone. It was a day that will stay in our memories for a long time to come. But that is not the day I am going to talk about. That day, the Pau-Bhaaji was a hit.

But like every filmmaker who has a challenge in form of making his second movie after a super successful first film, I did an Aditya Chopra. I made a Mohabbatein after a Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. I ended up making a Bhaaji that tasted good and decent but looked like soup. I had to take charge of my life.

And today, I finally found an equipment to mash vegetables properly for a Bhaaji that we’ve always seen going khat khat on the tava. I’d good enough time and most of the things to make a money spinner at home box office. One and a half our later, I could see the taste of that Bhaaji on Kumar’s face. Is this what they call satisfaction… if yes, that is what I’m feeling like right now. Though there is no guarantee as yet that my next meal is going to be similar… But I’m waiting for Aditya Chopra’s third movie.

PS: Though I may not admit to the people around me, I sort of enjoy cooking.