I was just going through my Bollywood’s itsy-bitsy updates and I’ve this feeling growing inside me that something is not right. I mean the way it was when we’d Rang De Basanti and Lagey Raho Munnabhai releasing in the same year gave you a feeling that it was on a high. I would say it is going through a very weird phase. Perhaps some hormonal imbalance if a movie like Welcome becomes part of the all time super hit list.

That is not all. Suddenly, There is a lot of drama going on even off the box office. In a few months, Saif Ali Khan has Kareena Kapoor’s name tattooed. This was the same girl who just again a few further months back, gave a 20/20 on how much she knows and loves Shahid Khapoor test on a chat-show. And Child Artist Darsheel (Ishaan from Taare Zameen Par) refuses the Best Child Actor award because he wants the best actor’s award, well what exactly is going on down there?

Last year has seen two very moving, and realistic movies. Chak De and Taare Zameen Par. Hasn’t audience made it clear enough in past few years that it is growing up? How long are filmmakers going to take? Hindi films have a different way of telling stories. They are often not real. That is one reasons we do not have great biopics. Unlike West, where every year, there has to be some actors playing some historical figure, nominated in some category for Oscars. Their biopics make you want to do better in your life. (I’m just talking out of experience of pure elation after watching movies like The Aviator or Walk The Line.) I still have hope. I wish we could have more realistic cinema that is not just limited to sing song and formula. All that masala that represents our identity outside, is charming, but please tell us some stories as if they could be true.