Serendipity, Eternal love, someone who doesn’t let you go even after death…well these are powerful thoughts that if translated in stories can send loads of girl and not-necessarily girly guys on a mushy trip. We’ve just returned from the movie PS: I Love You which has deservedly got mixed reviews. Mixed because you might get involved in the pains of Holly, the protagonist and her dashing, but dead husband’s way of writing her some letters that reach her after his death, showing her to lead a life without him. If you switch back to the real world in the next fifteen minutes after the movie, you will give it an average rating. If you still want to float on a romantic bubble, you will not hesitate in giving it 9 out of 10.

I, for a change want to give both these ratings a chance. While I was watching it in the hall, I was crying my eyes out at the scenes where Holly keeps calling her dead husband’s answering machine. Or the long scenes in the country side of Ireland. Or the bar where she remembers him while listening to some other singer. You can feel his screen presence. Boy Gerard Butler has it in abundance. Hilary Swank surprises you by working in a Rom-Com and puts up an excellent show. But the fact remains, she is a serious actress that doesn’t belong to this genre.

Once outside the cinema hall, after eating my Sub, after finishing that hot chocolate… I could exclaim only one thing. Gosh, the movie was LONG. Almost like an Indian film. The characters spoke till there was nothing left to be said to each other in every scene. They could have happily made the whole experience crisp by making it at least 30 minutes shorter.

My day is going to end humming the Beatles’ version of PS: I Love You. I should rather not rate the movie. 🙂

PS: They should have hired an editor.