The Beatles can be really addictive, all the times. In a good mood, in a bad mood or in blues that visit just like that. I was introduced to them in on a very sunny day. Since then I’ve admired them but have never been able to appreciate their music as much as I am enjoying it now. The song that I was looking for was Nowhere Man that I’d deleted in a feat of despair. Now when I listen to it, the song makes a lot of sense in a new world altogether.
Sitting in Indore right now, trying to figure out how easy it is to finish work but how difficult it is to keep doing a good job of it constantly. Consistency is my next target. However, I do not wish to talk about that as of now. When I wrote the Beatles paragraph, I was in Stuttgart, downloading an awesome collection of Beatles’ songs. I tried to continue that post later once in Baroda. It is time now I finish it and post it in Indore while I genuinely feel like a Nowhere (Wo)man. But a happy one at that.
I really wonder if my idea of being a giant sponge soaking up all the experiences will make sense later on when the sponge has done the job and it is time for the mind to work over time.

Perhaps, then there will time for singing The Long and winding road…