what am I doing these days? Apart from travelling and ‘things’ that I can hardly call ‘work’ or ‘study’, I’m listening to a lot of random music. I often envy Roshni who has a completely organized collection of songs divided by moods and genre and artists and wot not. I really wish I could do that someday so that I can always find what I want when I want to listen to it. I’m listening to a lot of Radio too. That is something I share with my Paa-in-law…the best thing is that in anticipation of a better, old, more melodious song, he never turns it off. His reason: You never know when they play your favourite song and you might miss it. 🙂
Now my frequently on FM stations are generally high on new songs. And I can always play ‘Na Hona‘ from Jab We Met on my music system.. but I like to wait for it on the radio while I do ‘things’ that I call ‘work’.
I got a bit disappointed in Jodhaa-Akbar. Specially in music. It is perhaps A R Rehman’s most mediocre score so far. I like the heavy metal sounds in the ‘Allah Duhai hai‘ from Race. I’m still hung up on ‘Ankhon mein teri‘ and ‘Tumko Paya Hai‘ from Om Shanti Om. While typing this, I was trying to fathom the difference between a good song and a timeless song. And a strange comparison began in my mind. Songs of most Yash Raj movies in recent times are good. But your heart still wants to fly high when you listen to Neela Asaman from Silsila. Strings of your heart do not feel that pull when you listen to Dil Toh Pagal Hai, though the songs were hit at the time of release.

I wonder if everything good needs to be timeless. What is it about remembering something forever that lacks in being forgotten? I’m afraid even time can not answer that properly.