I was waiting for the right time to post a picture I clicked at Kaufland in Stuttgart. At this chain of supermarket in this not-oh-so-known city in Germany, the moment I entered, I saw the Bestseller section was full of DVDs of Shahrukh Khan flicks. In next few weeks, SRK was in Berlin showcasing his hit OSO in Berlin Film Fest, around the same week, French government honoured him with something I don’t know and am not feeling like googling. Back in India, there has hardly been an hour on television without news or ad without SRK on it. IPL, Filmfare, TV game shows, hoardings across various cities… you name a public place and his face would emerge out of nowhere.

I’ve more than often taken up personal arguments with young male friends where I end up defending him. But with his raging popularity, it is very difficult to find people who do not have an opinion about him. And it is always not good.

But I dedicate this post to SRK on the next day where he happily retorted to not-so-friendly Amir Khan about being Number 2. Amir is an intense actor and is everything great. But I heavily doubt if he can even remotely closer to the popularity that SRK enjoys and has put in a lot of efforts to earn it.

And for the dedicated SRK fan that I am, I would never forget my reaction to dud movies like Guddu and English Babu, Desi Mem dubbed in German. However, in that Bollywood corner in Germany, there wasn’t a trace of any other Indian actor but him. Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him.