Exactly when I was doing some serious work, a thought shot in my mind. I should listen to some music while working too. Why don’t I do it any more? So there I go ahead, put on my headphones and start the first song that encounters my cursor. (gosh who calls it a cursor since the 90s!) Anyway, the song that started blew my head off. I left what I was doing and started writing this blog. Anyone with even a tiny bit of understanding of Indian classical music should have heard this song sans all disturbance at least once. I’m talking about the song from Paheli : Dheere Jalna
I had an inkling that Gulzar had something to do with it. I was sure M M Kreem was the music director and I might have mentioned this song in my earlier posts too. And two sweetest voices of my time, Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal were the culprits of drawing me out of work to just sit and listen to it twice, quietly, without singing along. And no, Shahrukh Khan has nothing to do with this moment. This ecstatic moment in my mind completely belongs to the song and its makers.