In the middle of the mini Raj Kapoor film festival that me and my dad were celebrating at home, suddenly, I was compelled to watch You’ve Got Mail. Ever since watching it for the first time in the year 2000, I’ve watched it a number of times every year. I’ve grown over the years and the movie has grown into something else for me. It just sort of charges me up. It is like having a stimulating conversation over a coffee with an old pal. And that movie led me to watch another cult yesterday. Something much greater than poor little You’ve Got Mail. But it is very sweetly and in a small way associated with the romcom. I’m talking about The Godfather.

I saw The Godfather last night. That was not a first time either. And now we are on ‘the-movies like-old-pals’ conenction of my dad (Also an active member of home-film festivals) . You don’t have to guess hard which one are we going to watch now, it has to be The Godfather II.

I’m planning to have a separate movie section soon. And if you’ve noticed, I’m a dot com now. After the debacle of a few years back, this too feels formal, but its fun no less…