It has been quite a while since I wrote a thoughtful blog. Or so would I want to think. And here I am thinking about what all have I been thinking of late. And I just have to pick up a thread from one of those posts where I list all that I want to talk of and never mention it again ever. But I’m in no mood to pick up anything specific any more. How about looking at this queer post I read in the morning: 11 ways of staying focused. Perhaps written by an anonymous blogger and fan of self-help or time management books who is taking every hour just too seriously.

How often do we decide to do things that we’ve never been postponing or just unwilling to do?

And How often do we decide not do most of it and still decided to be happy?

Happiness if a matter of personal decision, a choice perhaps. (That’s Philo-Prats)

What happens to us when we confine our lives to particular ’11 ways’ and have a specific time table for when to smile at our family members? Does it turn you in a successful person? This particular blogger has also written about his/her target of writing specific number of blogs a year with specific number of paragraphs a day. Ha!

In a laid back discussion with a writer once, I was told that waiting for a creative thought is like standing under the sky with a mug and wait for the rain. Whenever it rains, u might catch hold of some of it.

It is one thing to look for organized schedule and willingness to utilize time and itz another thing to just not know how to enjoy wasted time and turn it into something fun.

Perhaps I should come up with 11 things we shouldn’t blog about.

Here I go:
1. neighbours, land lords and may be colleagues – you never know wot might offend whom 😉
2. Britney Spears, Kareena Kapoor, Maddona, Paris Hilton and the gang – they get the footage everywhere any way.
3. Stray animals – they can’t read your blogs and decide to stay out of your way
4. Increasing traffic in Indian cities – There is no overcoming that
5. Slow administration work in every country – hee haw
6. Salman Rushdie’s next girl friend – before u click on ‘Publish Post’, it might be an old news
7. Annoying ringtones – stray animals seem better to pass by
8. Cribbers – you just can’t help them.
9. Lack of time – one never has enough of it
10. Forwarded poems and jokes on email – who does that any more any way
11. … Making lists of unimportant things – I should be urgently banned from making another list like this.