The Chronicles of Narnia: Price Caspian looks like a teenager’s visual treat. And if that is the target audience, they’ve come up with the perfect dish for them. I meant Ben Barnes who plays Prince Caspian. His Spanglish (Spanish accented English), fights and angst leave you waiting for the next installment where he continues ruling Narnia. However, Narnia as the pristine magic land hasn’t remained the same. When the movie opens, it is ruled by a tyrant and the magical creatures of Narnia have gone into hiding.

Miraz, the tyrannical ruler of Narnia becomes father of a son and finds, Prince Caspian, his nephew’s existence unnecessary and attempts to kill him. This rightful heir of the kingdom is saved by his professor and is sent to the forest with the Queen Susan’s horn, which is supposed to save him and summon the true protectors, the mythical kings and queens of Narnia.

Excitement grows. The queens and kings (Read Peter, Edward, Susan and Lucy) are mere students somewhere in Britain. They are simply transported from a subway station to sandy beaches of Narnia. It has been a year in real time since they came back from Narnia but in the magical land, 1300 years have passed. Nothing has remained as they had left it. And their mighty protector, Azlan has disappeared. They’ve all become mere folk-tales. And finally they encounter Prince Caspian who was expecting ‘Kings and Queens’ for his help. The subtle rivalry between ‘High King Peter the Majestic’ and Caspian is simply adorable and so is King Edward’s satirical comments and confidence makes you smile. Susan has her moments, especially with Caspian, but it is Lucy who again ends up as the show stealer just like the previous movie.

The royal gang prepares the stage to fight the powerful king with a bunch of magical creatures that includes an egotistical mouse. Filmmakers have spent too much time on fight scenes than on characters and their interactions. However, it does deliver goods to the Narnia fans that are used to all the cheek. Characters ooz attitude but the story could have done with a bit of more editing. A little bit more substance would have made it more appealing to the grown ups as well.

Legendary fantasy writer C S Lewis is one of the major inspirations to JK Rowling. However, his magical premises and overall story seems tad bit complicated compared to the Harry Potter franchise.