Watching Shane Warne on the field last night in Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals was a learning lesson. It just so dripped from every glimpse of this bowling legend how much fun he was having in the field and the chance that he has got to play around and experiment with the young team he has. Who wouldn’t? I’m not sure if any other player is enjoying the tournament as much as Warne. He is practically towering over his team-mates.

Very nicely commentators were using the words like ‘out-think’ and not playing the ‘orthodox game’. And what I was wondering was, that how often we end up playing ‘orthodox games’? I don’t mean breaking the rules here. Warne by no means was breaking any rules while constantly changing bowlers or change of their pace, position and attitude. There is always enough room to experiment even within the format. Which Ganguly didn’t. He brought nothing new to his bowling or batting side. Everything was just as it has been. Warne’s boys are more successful today. Had the experiment not worked, they had nothing to lose. They had nothing to lose even in the first game. Perhaps, one doesn’t fear losing when there is this awareness of being able to make good things happen again.

If you do not take your success and what others think of you too seriously and keep working towards challanging yourself without burden, it definitely is going to work wonders. Simply game of cricket by Warne has made me think so much about ‘experimenting’ in my own sphere that I’m ‘bamboozled’.

Experimenting in style of writing, approaching subjects, thinking freely and still playing by the rules. It is time I experiment more with….well experiments.