I like to be happy. Who doesn’t?

I’ve recently started following IPL regularly. Initially I just stayed informed and first few matches brought happy news as Knight Riders were doing extremely good. Then came the phase of bad news. Knight Riders started losing almost every game, playing against everyone. The day I decided to watch the first match, Sohaib Akhtar made his come back and they won. And I thought happy days are here again. Little did I know that they were heading for an anti-climax and that match would end up being the last kick in the water before drowning miserably.

I even tried to be a little superstitious that my watching the matches could change their fate. I wanted to watch yesterday’s match and add some good luck charm to their performance. Alas! It rained. The match never took place. Methinks people perpetually questioning the Almighty shouldn’t pray…So I left the Knight Riders to their own fate.

But still the purpose of being happy couldn’t be left to fate. Jaipur and Punjab were reasons enough to be happy. Did someone talk about following happiness? Feeling good about the Red Devils brought more smiles. I will quietly wait till SRK’s next movie and won’t hesitate in thrashing it if it’s bad while Knight Riders can rest in peace.

It wasn’t easy for me earlier to move on while watching sports. I used to cry when Steffi Graph lost matches. I don’t any more. Is it because she retired or i grew up? 😉