The moment Shankar Nagre dies, the movie Sarkar Raj comes alive. A lot of expectations are riding on this one. Ramgopal Verma thought he couldn’t go much wrong with this one. He has done a decent job of it. But whatever could go wrong with the solid premises of the previous movie does go wrong here. When it begins, the Nagre family is basking in the glory of their success. The father and the son rule the town through respect, earned out of a combination of good and bad deeds. Life is not black or white in their world. However, RGV does try to show shades of gray through the play of lighting, just like the previous movie. All good things about this one are repetitive and he has hardly anything new to offer.

The character of Shankar Nagre seems to be on the wrong track from the beginning here. It seems that unknowingly RGV has ended up combining qualities of Sonny Corleone and Michael Corloene in Shankar. And somehow, Sony’s recklessness is overpowering cunning and shrewd Mikey and Shankar ends up appearing to be more confused about his choices and steps. Abhishek does well on his part playing this man on a wrong mission. However, you do not find any frame without his Old Man good enough. Amitabh Bachchan has proved it again and again and again that he can redefine the best. Aishwarya Rai’s portrayal of Anita is very restrained and controlled. And somehow, RGV seems to have hit at a subtle reality in the Bachchan family, again perhaps unknowingly, by keeping Sarkar and his daughter-in-law in command, that these two would always demand more attention.

Sarkar Raj could have been a much better movie, but at least it is good to see Ramgopal Verma back to sanity. It is already chopped down to a little more than 2 hours, but it could have done with some more editing. The basic storyline is very thin, and it has to hold the burden of power packed dialogues. Just the dialogues are not enough for a totally captivating story. Sarkar Raj’s paraphernalia is weak. Kay Kay Menon surely left a strong impact that you are left to miss in this one. You would constantly miss the perfect blend of the previous movie and as a stand alone, this one is bound to fumble and tumble at a few places. Yet, you would come out of the theatre with Govinda theme playing in your mind…for a long time.