Why did I watch Aamir?

Why did I succumb to good reviews when I understand how every individual watches movies and likes or dislikes them based on their moods, even critics?

Why did Aamir feel like a distant and fictional sequel-cousin of much real Black Friday?

Why did it look like it was ghost directed by the creative director Anurag Kashyap?

Why did the movie try to project that toy-monkey as an in-your-face symbol when it could have been subtle?

Why does Rajeev Khandelwal enter so late in the Bollywood foray when he is so good, why isn’t someone offering him roles that gets him more than just sympathy?

Why is such positive and happy background score by Amit Trivedi wasted on such a depressing movie where an NRI Muslim doctor walks into the trap set for him by religious fanatics and neither the audience nor the doctor get a single minute of relief?

Why does Aamir have to die and be clueless all the time and never take a single decision and enter such a dreadful track that leads him to death?

Why does the caption of the movie doubt that man doesn’t decide his own destiny when Aamir could have decided to stay in UK and called his family there instead of coming to India?

Why doesn’t he for once think of walking out and know who is doing all this, understand what is happening to him and get the hell out of the trap or at least try?

Why did I feel like walking out by the interval cause I knew all the audience has to do is to see the single track of a man suffering in different way with butchers in the background all the time till he dies?

Why does everyone seem to believe that he doesn’t have a choice?

Why does Aamir make a fool of himself and the audience for so many hours just so that a capable actor and director can have an ‘off-beat’ début and ‘critics’ can praise him?