Weird reasons connect me to Sci-fi genre. I’m particularly fond of far fetched fantasy involved but overdose puts me totally off. I was impressed with the story premises of Harry Baweja’s launch pad for his son, Herman. A love story and a time machine. He is particularly not regarded as the A category filmmakers in Bollywood any way. That doesn’t mean he could not have big dreams for his son and spend crores to groom a successful career for his son. He has done everything he could. But he just falls short of that ‘A’ list he was aiming again.

A successful tag like Priyanka Chopra, Einstein act by Boman, hoardings of Sun Microsys and Xbox and awesome choreography wouldn’t save Love Story 2050 cause its imagination lacks conviction.

Does it belong to fairy tale world? No. Does it belong to science? No. Is it purely a romance? No. Is it just a Bollywood masala in an expensive but gaudy packaging? More or less, Yes.

Herman has a good future and good projects in his kitty. Not all stars start with a Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. He can be just happy and get over this movie as soon as possible. I don’t have anything to say about Priyanka. Please choose a better wig Boman (Preity Zinta should advice you on that). And what is wrong with Anu MalikJaved Akhtar combo? Or were they simply part of a movie that went everywhere, and that’s why nowhere?

Jaane tu ya jaane na scores way up high than Love Story 2050 on the content department. Box Office scores can sway anywhere though…More on Jaane Tu in the next blog.

What I remember of this movie is that four of us went to see this one on my dad’s birthday, and me, mom and Kumar dozed off for some good time (Thank you chairs of Red Lounge). Trust me, all of us have suffered through some real bad ones. However, dad stayed up and suffered through it to tell us what we didn’t miss. Happy Birthday Dad! 🙂