Ah, another post about a city.

Since I was a kid, I have been listening to people talking about Mumbai for various reasons. Unpredictable rains, excitement, shopping, food, nightlife, rush, traffic, floods, local trains and what not. They say it never sleeps. They also say that it welcomes one and all. However, every time I have personally happened to be there, I’ve not found it very welcoming. I don’t find the fashion living up to the hype. Neither do I find the life there very comfortable unless you have a high profile filmi career or a corporate job. Then somebody needs to tell me what exactly made that woman at the consulate wince when I told her I was from Ahmedabad. Perhaps it was the blasts.

Even yesterday, when I was there only for a few hours, because of the distance and traffic and weather factor, I couldn’t make it to meet three of my friends. I thought I will just walk around. But the wind didn’t permit that.

I was waiting for one welcoming, warm sign from the city and that came in form of my cab driver who drove me back to the airport. He talked for 2 hours in a 1.5 hours drive. And with every sentence he confirmed my unpleasant impression of Mumbai. And I shall tag that time as ‘cribbing of a cab driver’. Poor guy might not have found a patient listener since a long time. But I felt useful. I finally reached airport. I pre-poned my ticket. At least I was going back with some good news. So what if Mumbai doesn’t seem to like me.