I wonder if I should start with explaining how much I love little Corso Kino or straight go to Mamma Mia? Well, lemme concentrate on the movie for now, cause there will be enough occasions to talk about the Kino (theatre).

Last Tuesday, right within 24 hours of my landing in Stuttgart, we went to watch Mamma Mia. I wonder if I shall use cliches like awesome and mindblowing with exclaimation marks in the end or simply describe how my heart just leapt everytime the cast broke into a song. Yes, it is a musical. Very much reminds one of Bollywood musicals but it is surely a lesson to Bollywood when it comes to using songs as part of the narrative and not the patches to show foreign locations and costumes with aerobics (Such occurances have gone down but I could still spot them in Singh is King and Bachna Ae Haseeno).

Mamma Mia is a broadway musical woven around music of legendary pop band ABBA. It is surely a treat to ABBAholics but it is also a treat to Maryl Strip, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth fans. In fact every actors present on the screen gets to sing.

The story somehow reminds me of Hema Malini’s Dil Ashna Hai where a young girl doesn’t know who is her real mother out of three best friends. Yet I wouldn’t want the vague similarity spoil a very jovial narrative where young Sophie is about to get married on some exotic island in Greece. Her mother Donaa runs a hotel Villa Donaa that is not doing very well. She and her fiance Sky, together want to help her make this place a success. But before that she wants a perfect white wedding. Sophie wishes her father to give her a way to the isle.

The plot begins right away with Sophie singing, ‘I have a dream‘ and posting invitations to three men, she discovers them out of an old diary of her mother. She doesn’t know which one of them is her father and isn’t sure if any of them would come. But all three of them arrive. Boom! is the sound that you might hear in your head when Meryl Strip goes: Money Money Money as Donna with her two best friends.

Every actor is aptly cast and every song is sung with a gusto. Somehow, everyone seems so much full of energy and vibration while singing and dancing.

The songs like ‘Mamma Mia‘ ‘Dancing Queen‘ leaves you foot-tapping and singing along. Julie Walters and Christine Baranski play an ideal foil to our Donna. Watch out for Julie Walters stealing the show with ‘Take a chance on me‘ and who can miss The ex-Bond singing SOS. Every actor makes the songs sound so professional with their own voice. In fact, Meryl Strip finished singing ‘Winner Takes it all‘ in one take. Other facts have it that the broadway musical has been stealing hearts since many years. But after what embossed effects this one has left on me, I could watch this version many a times. 

Just when the movie ended with almost predictable climax, and you thought it was time to go home, they threw in some more songs in the end that I’m tempted to call item numbers. And no one from the audience wanted to even stir, forget getting up untill the screen completely went blank. If falling in love with movies is possible, one could go head-over-heals with this one.