They say it is a dream of any one fond of driving a car to take a spin on the Autobahn in Germany. I finally did it. It offers the highest speed that one can officially get to drive on a national highway. They also say that people with high expectations often get disappointed because everything around you is zooming past, but still it is human.

What do I have to say? Well, I loved it. I found it to be upgraded, grander version of the express way that I’ve so got used to between Ahmedabad and Baroda. Yet, with lane driving and rule abiding and speeding at the same time with so much discipline was something I had not experienced before. I drove from Stuttgart to Sindelfingen. A short-distance journey was a big lesson in international traffic sense and the way I looked at the world passing by. I’ve enjoyed many a scratches and signal-breaking in the past. But I was on a tight rope to do anything like that this time. With so many signs, routes, exits and organized traffic, there was no scope for me to make a mistake on the road.

You could get away with crossing of speed limits and breaking of signals with some fine if you do make a mistake, but you might not come out fine if you end up with something like that in real life.

When it comes to dealing with a friend or a relative or a neighbor or a colleague, when do you know whether you are on an autobahn or a regular city street? Are there signs in the offing like ‘turn left’, ‘stay in the lane’ or ‘diversion ahead’ to guide you through it while you are dealing with a person? Or perhaps sometimes we just ignore these signals and end up scratching anyway?

Ironically, most of us break rules when we know we can get away with it. I have savored all those moments of screaming at anyone who came into my way and still be one of them on streets in India. Being in a different lane right now, I enjoyed this unfamiliar organized ways too. The only thing that changes is the reasons for which you scream as you go to one milestone of your life to another.