I’ve seen Rock On!! twice in past seven days and I’ve not been able to stop smiling or singing every time I think of it. I’ve almost the same things to say about this one as everyone who has loved it.

A lot of people are talking about how music could have been better. But I must say, it is not about ‘music’. The actors just happen to play music and the music is good enough to bring the essence of the story out. One more thing that catches attention are the lyrics. Just happened to read a Javed Akhtar interview where he says that Indian rockers do not seem to care much about the lyrics and go by the cliches. He couldn’t be more right. And his words literally ‘rock’ with songs like ‘Sindbad sailor’ or ‘Peechhle saat dino mein’… The music grows on you after the movie…that is if you let it 🙂

I also felt that the movie was more about the characters re-connecting with their lives and the narration made you care for these characters. My favourite was the Killer Drummer who was constantly lived in the past glory and excitedly gave a hug to everyone he met again. And one can’t help but cheer for him when he breaks into ‘I’ll Survive’.

It just seems a little surprising how Abhishek Kapoor improved himself so much. Perhaps the production value and overall treatment of the director along with the cast can bring the best out of the director too. Farhan Akhtar could be influential staying in front of the camera as well. And there is no end to what all he can do considering how amazing a singer he is. He has just raised the bar for other creative artists around him. And another person who just raised the bar of his own capacity is Arjun Rampal. He played a much brooding and controlled role in Don’s remake than the hamming Pran saab in the original. He has looked really evil in Om Shanti Om. It is high time Bollywood recognized him as an actor.

When you look back and think of the rift between Adi and Joe, it seems a little contrived. It is there because they had to fight to break the group and bring them where they are after 10 years. The melting down of the magik before it is re-created could have been more hard hitting.

But if that thought comes after already falling in love with the movie, you can still happily sing So cha hai…and not think about the loop holes..