The Venetian carnival in Ludwigsburg takes place for two days. We planned to go on Saturday cause just like rest of the Germany, we completely like to rest on a Sunday. Now what do you do when it is raining on Saturday? The weather websites showed 40% chances of rain on both the days. And what did we do? Well, you have to take chances and umbrellas along. And we did precisely that.

And boy it turned out to be a feast not just for eyes and ears but mind too. Of course if you count yummy and nutty Crepes that I ate, it was a wholesome feast.

People with gorgeous costumes just simply strutted around among the visitors as if they are in some costume party and had a separate parade at the end. Because of the rains, elusive Venetian masks were accompanied by matching umbrellas. And this was surely not all. There were some remarkable performances. Italian and Turkish music took turns in entertaining people along with some German rap and of course some English numbers.

With Kumar by my side, it hardly seemed like a rainy day. And right after some entertaining jugglery and musical performance, there came two guys who cleared the crowd off the center and placed a huge wooden box in the middle of the piazza, made witty remarks at the passersby and started singing in sync:

My heart knows what the wild goose knows,
I must go where the wild goose goes.
Wild goose, brother goose, which is best?
A wanderin’ fool or a heart at rest?

…And suddenly after sliding inside that mighty wooden box, obviously they popped out after a while. Thus started a mime act accompanied by some drawings on the blackboard on the inside of the box. I could relate their performance and choice of subjects to Existentialism in the middle of mystic Venetian atmosphere. The audience was not ready to budge and often ended up with loud bouts of ironical laughter. Now it is time I gotta trace those European artists who got the audience glued in the rain.

Needless to say it was worth going all the way in bad weather. To call it the day we saw a Pop Up Theater performance for the first time followed by a relaxing Sunday.