It is funny how the 25 and 27 degrees of last week are suddenly 3 and 5 degrees during day time. I’ve grown up in extremely hot weather. Yet last year when I landed here, I didn’t have much difficulty when I arrived in Germany in a settled winter. Reason: I was mentally prepared for it. This time around, the summer has been kind here and we had plenty of warm days and need of fans too. And now suddenly, the mantels are out and not so colourful sweaters are walking the streets in an unexpected beginning of chill. The autumn is here.

The streets are surely going to be colourful with the leaves picking up shades of yellows and browns. But ironically, people here prefer to go around in whites, blacks and greys. I don’t know why but if you end up wearing even a little brighter colour outside, you’ll feel like a Martian. The simple logic is that darker colours are better in winter. And yet, I feel they make the winter gloomy. Or it is simply the case that I come from a colourful place.

Colours signify so many things, not only in India, but everywhere else in the world too. But the associations are different. One has to find a balance between these contrasting association. Any way, as long as I’m thinking of colours, I’m not complaining, after all I’m wearing a sweater that has grey as well as magenta in it.