Whenever you have a lot of expectations and planning in mind, your mind also knows that things might not be exactly the same. Over past few years, I’ve learned not to expect much from the expectations and let life give me some surprises while I give some surprises to life.

This time it was the turn of Paris. And the city did surprise me. There were no expectations. But Paris carries on all that is written, said and believed about it. And I’m sure just one blog post would surely not suffice. So I’m starting with a little bit of This and That.

Be it the food and never ending cobbled streets and the sidewalk cafes, the music, the noises, the art, the memories of the creative past, the museums, the fashion, the crowd and the transportation and tourism and of course the Eiffel tower. You can see it all and you can still be left to desire for more.

When we reached Paris in a TGV from Stuttgart, I was half a sleep from a late night article submission. But walking into the Louvre woke me up. And began a memorable time that involves walking around this city with a gigantic image, and resting place of image dissolver like Samuel Beckett.