I got into habit (read: obsession) of watching all the sitcoms at once ever since I started watching Full House and Friends marathon. But now I’ve reached that level with Scrubs, Brothers and Sisters and How I Met Your Mother where I actually have to wait for the next new episode (BTW, I do have serious work). It is fun to get the living from of the fact that there is so much wit flowing around in the world and reaching people every day, making sure that their lives do not get dull, and they maintain their quests for the best burgers on…

Yes, I want to talk about the Best Burger In New York episode of the season 4. The minute I was in the fifth minute of the episode, I wanted to quickly try and make it to the closest Burger place and grab one myself. By the time Marshall gives his ‘This is God speaking to us through food’ speech, I was already eating an imaginary one.

All the actors seemed completely at ease in this new season and the nearly stand alone episode is capable of sending anyone in a burger frenzy for a few minutes. I’ve become a complete fan of Jason Segel (after Forgetting Sarah Marshall), now this one made it sure I watch everything he does on camera or with his writing in future. I also have new found respect for Neil Patrick Harris. Somehow, Ted hardly had anything to do this time. But well, it was an episode where Burger took the cake. Regis Philbin was bang on target with his angry burger hunter act.

To put an end to the burger issue that has crept up after the episode in my mind, I could have just eaten this episode….