We had just started spreading the wing. We were just learning to appreciate the wind. But we are ‘told’ now that the sky is facing credit crunch and there will be no breeze for us to cruise in. If Shakespeare was alive today, his Hamlet would say, to buy or not to buy…

Funny how everything suddenly seems changed. If you happen to catch world news on any channel from anywhere, they want to tell you, explain you, inform you, feed you, scare you, suffocate you, rescue you, alert you and at the same time keep you alive and happy and wants you to travel and spend your money wisely and vote without biases. Huh!

I’m not complaining. I better not. It is important to stay informed to stay safe. But suddenly, there is so much of information flowing at all of us from all directions that whatever is the nature of that information turns into an international mood. If they start talking about excitement and enthusiasm following a football world cup, the whole world swims in frenzy. When they keep on talking about the elections in America, even those who have nothing to do with that country keep the ears open and discuss it. And right now, the mood is that of financial confusion.

A few talks about problems with ICICI banks had people in India lining up outside the ATMs to take out their money. All of a sudden. In almost a fortnight, all you hear people talking about is financial recession. Troubled times are talked about in all directions. Open blogs, newspapers, websites, televisions or conversations… chances are you will be listening to the financial soup that mankind is supposed to be in right now.

Ironically, I do seem to be complaining…but I wish there was not this constant hammering of information dragging people into frustration. As I’m typing this, BBC in Stuttgart is telling me that some corner of Australia had soaring property prices in past decade and now it has touched down bottom. They actually showed a woman crying on screen following the matter.

Yes, we will have to listen to what is happening and might happen to our money and countries and futures. But why does it feel like someone has tied us to chairs while the TV plays Drona and all those crappy movies that Ramgopal Varma made in past few years?

How about including some hopeful options and possibilities too? Please tell us to plan well and work hard and tell us that following happiness will still not be completely impossible in the time of financial storm. How about telling us that there is still a better future after telling us that we’re on the brink of some impending doom?

Ignorance is no bliss, but so much information from everywhere, over and over again doesn’t feel like bliss either.