At this moment, after watching Hello, the movie starring Sharman Joshi and most of the Salman Khan family, I genuinely sympathize with the writer of One Night@Call Center. I’m not a fan of Chetan Bhagat. I admire him for his marketing gimmicks that are deeply rooted even in the kind of content and character he picks up. Though deeply rooted is a bad term to use while talking about anything concerning his novels cause they are anything but deep. And if it couldn’t get any shallower, he lets someone like Atul Agnihotri make a film and co-write a script based on his acclaimed bestseller. Ha!

It is a very good thing to be ambitious, strategically plan a writing career and pull it all successfully off. But Bhagat should keep his fingers crossed till Rajkumar Hirani comes out with his movie version of Five Point Someone.

All those lines that sound funny, witty or realistic with trademark humour of the writer, fall flat when they are uttered in the movie. There are some funny moments between Shyam and Vroom, and that is all about it. And why did the writer agree on completely turning the train sequence into a helicopter one? I wonder if after selling rights of his book, he had much in his hands as the Salman Khan-daan took over.

Hello is a bellow mediocre wannabe flick that has nothing to do with literature and very little to do with good cinema. Sharman is a commendable actor and would have done a fantastic job as Shyam in more believable circumstances. Just setting up a few tables with computers do not make a call center. I doubt if Atul Agnihotri has ever seen a call center. He might have loved the book, but that doesn’t make him do a good job of turning it into a movie.

At least he didn’t waste so much money in making blue roses fly and a prop up a weird role for Kay Kay Menon Drona did. Drona is such a fantasy that makes you want to run to reality, even if it is loaded with financial crunch and other disasters. Over confidence has finally taken over Abhishek Bachchan as he has stopped all his attempts at acting. I had decided not to write about Drona. And I would stop at this very line.

I’m waiting for tonight’s visit to Corso Kino for watching Burn After Reading.