Growing up in an industrial city, I never thought of what is in this season and what never goes out of style. I’m talking about clothes and accessories. It took me a job at a Features section in a newspaper to realize that clothes and colours can be seasonal too. (Not that I’ve evolved completely) But I wasn’t surprised that, almost every other person living in Paris seemed to make a style statement. Or so I was led to believe by constant references to Paris as the fashion capital of the world.

Perhaps it has something to do with the designer labels coming out from there or Parisians are simply experimental and fabulous with whatever they wear? The boots, the bags or the wacky overcoats, cowl neck tunics, bubble tops and all that came in front of my eyes, I was wondering most of it had come straight from the pages of Vogue.

Dior, Luis Vuitton, Chanel…you can’t help peeking into the stores if you can relate to the names. But end of the day, the designs to look out for were out on the streets. Ironically, the over exposure of the same design somehow didn’t make them appear so special. There was no exclusivity in designs that one saw on the streets or in the stores. One reason for this could be that you’ll find them in every corner of the world these days. You do not have to be in Paris to know Parisian fashion anymore. You’ll find all those things in most other countries and major cities. But somehow, it doesn’t seem to make the same statement else where as it does in Paris.

So it could be more about being experimental then. A regular girl wearing a classy red sleeveless dress walking around Champs-Élysées might as well be on runway. I’m still not well acquainted with the colour schemes of the fashionable world but I saw a lot of cerulean around me. If you are antourist, you can survive there with a pair of branded denims, a well fitting black or white top with a decent jacket and some black or brown flats with it.

The problem is that Paris almost expects everyone entering their city to have the same sense of style. They surely don’t sue you for wearing unsuitable things but you might end up with scrutinizing stares making you understand the word hideous. After all it is the city that never goes out of fashion.