I slept wishing a victory for Obama and I just woke up to it. Cause millions of Americans and rest of the world were wishing for the same thing. Too much of campaign footage on CNN was getting on my nerves but the outcome has been worth it with an emotionally healthy, sensitive, strong, disciplined man in the most powerful seat of world politics.

His first speech as a Presidential elect was too emotional that he made his audience cry, including Oprah, Brad Pitt and some 200,000 people in the crowd, like a rock star! After reading his autobiography Dreams From My Father, I felt that he doesn’t come across as a power hungry person who had a dream to run a country. But today while listening to it, the feelings changed. He is someone who seems to know how to handle this power. Change has indeed come to America. Hope that in the coming years, he remains the same person that he was on the stage today. It has been long enough since we had a real leader out there.

Now in the coming days, we’re going to read and see a lot of articles and programs describing, analyzing this fairy tale. Precisely what the world needed at a time when news about recession were approaching a level of depression. And I don’t say this often. But thank God for that.