I’ve been a very grounded and confident single child. I never take people’s ‘spoilt and pampered’ remark easily. Pampered I surely was but one just can’t bracket the single kids into the spoilt category just like that. Apart from that remark, another thing that I’m often asked is if I miss having siblings. Did I feel lonely as a child? One nosy distant relative actually went ahead and announced without consulting my opinion that after my parents I’ll not have anyone to fall back on. Whole load of rubbish! Well, irritated that I get at the ‘assumptions’ that people love to associate with different situations, I’ve never missed having siblings, except when I watch Brothers and Sisters.

I’m not going to harp on about my life as a single child and people’s take on that. But Brothers and Sisters has made me admire how lovely these relationships could be. And there couldn’t have been a better matriarch than Sally Field in Hollywood at present for the Television. And her scattered huge family stays bonded inspite of a lot of fighting that springs from different political ideologies to business tiffs. And it makes me appreciate all those friends with bigger families who manage to survive the togetherness and differences haven’t resulted in distances…

However, six-seven siblings in mayhem look much better in a work of fiction as of now. And as for that nosy relative, I couldn’t help but answer her politely, how there are people with siblings equally lonely cause careers and other personal reasons have drawn their siblings thousands of miles away and at times you’ll feel lucky if he/she stays in touch with you over orkut scrapbook or calls up once a month or meet after years. I am not trying to be judgmental cause everyone isn’t facing the same situation.

It must be a great feeling to have brothers and sisters to share, fall back on, cry on their shoulders and fight but even if you are a single child, you might not end up lonely if you love your own company and have an understanding companion and some warm friends on speed-dial.