The other day, I was telling WallE’s story to my friend Pooja. She told me I excitedly told her the whole story of the movie in one breath but she liked it and would still want to watch it. Then I thought of how it must have been for my colleagues at Ahmedabad Times. I used to run to watch movies on first show and come back to tell the story to a cubical full of people. I would still tried not to reveal the end to those who didn’t want to know the end. I also thought of how I write about movies, though I can hardly call them reviews, they are more of my views. And I got an anonymous comment about how I should not reveal the ends or tell too much about the movies while writing about them to retain interest in my blogs.

After all those thoughts, right now I’m thinking that perhaps world is divided in those who want to know the whole story with the end and those who want to discover it on their own. Well, considering that spoiler warnings before the whole story on credible websites are a compulsion, people who do not want to know the end seem to be in majority.

However, because of many reasons, I belong to both the categories. I don’t mind knowing what lies ahead. If it is good I would enjoy it more, if it is bad I would be prepared for it. And at the same time I love surprises, I love the thrill, the mystery of an untold end.

But I’ve entered a phase where end of a story hardly holds surprises for me. Cause in one way or the other, I calculate what is going to happen next and when it does lead in the direction that I’ve already thought of, I enjoy it even more. For the fun of guessing it right. It might just be a result of watching too many movies or reading too many stories. But I do not see anything wrong in knowing the end beforehand.

And now I’m just thinking of an essay I had studied from the book English Essay by Swami Vivekananda – Ends and Means. Somehow that essay had changed a bit of me the day Bharathi ma’am read it in the class. I had become more focused on what means bring what ends and started this guessing game. Being an agnostic never gives me a fixed answer to anything. But I’m ready to accept uncertainty.

There have been times when I’ve unconsciously stopped playing that game and that has resulted in some unpleasant surprises. But ever since, I’ve entered into this realm of guesswork that I fondly term rationalizing associating certain ends to certain means going by my sensibilities and understanding, I’ve become more open to real surprises that life springs on us. This makes me enjoy a good movie, even if I already know the end, the only condition is – the means should be worth the end.

And respecting all those who prefer to solve their own guessing game of ends and means, for my love of narrating the means, I would not stop narrating the stories. But I do come with a spoiler warning. You may cover your ears when the end is near.